Tanya Shatseva


Sets of Stickers

Image of Sets of Stickers

Themed packs of vibrant individually die-cut and oval stickers printed on durable bright-white glossy vinyl. Removable, reusable and ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows, plant pots etc.

SET #1: Hands of Power:
8X12" pack including surreal hands-related illustrations of various shapes surrounded by rainbow snails.

SET #2: Moonlight Creatures:
Carved and misterious 'Blue Valentine' - 6x8", 'Lunar Pollen' - 10", 'Mermaid Riot' - 4x7" and 'Chery Cake' - 3x3".

SET #2: Ethereal Maidens:
Oval and dreamy stickers of 'Self Crowned' - 4x5.5", 'The Rustle of Narwhal's Wings' - 4x5.5", 'Shaman Bones' - 4x5.5", 'Coralized' - 4", 'Yolandi the Rat Mistress' - 2".

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